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Lucknow visit

Know more about our visit to lucknow

The car reached in the morning. We took our breakfast. It was already late form our scheduled time. We zoomed towards Lucknow. The driver was slow and we reached our first place of intrest at 11.30am. It was Bara Imambara.Rumi Darwaza was the entrance of this Imambara.It was build by Nawab Asafuddaula in 1784 A.D.It has a extensive interior. We skipped the bhu;bhuliyan which is build over the hall due to unavailability of sufficient time. We next visited the Baoli (which means a very deep and large well).Here the well is flanked by well-furnished roome with a winding staircase. There is a small opening from top to bottom for the circulation of cool air within rooms.There was also a Maszid in front of Baoli. We then went to Chota Imambara.

Chota Imambara or Husinabad Imambara is a fathers gift to his daughter. It was build by the third Nawab,Muhmad Ali Shah. Its appeal lies in the furnishings comprising exquisite chandeliers of Belgium glass. The next place we went was Ghari Minar or the Clock Tower. Built in 1881 by the British,this 67m high clock tower is said to be the highest in India.Near it was the picture gallery. It has a collection of contemporary oil paintings of the Nawabs of Avadh. It was a small but beautiful collection. A little pond in front of the gallery has both hot and cold water in it. We then move forward to see the Residency. The Vidhan Bhawan falls on the way.The Residency was a place to accomodate British visitors. We rested there for a while as it was hot and we were tired. It was time and we got hungry. Had some snacks and we did our last job, shopping. It was of the beautiful and famous clothes of Lucknow chikan. My sisters were specially excited. We had our train for Dehradun in the night and so we decided to move back to Kanpur.