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Kanpur visit

Here is the description of my parents visit to Kanpur.
My parents reached Kanpur on 12th night. The Visitors Hostel of our Institute was booked in their name ans I directly took them there.They were tired after a long journey and they went to sleep. It was 13th morning when they saw the Institute. They took their time to get themselves freshed and took their breakfast. I took them to my hostel. My sisters were very excited to see peacock's roaming about freely in the lawn.I then took them for lunch at the campus resturant.Then I took them for a small tour of my institute. I showed them my lab,the library, auditorium,faculty building classrooms,computer centre and all the academic buildings. We had to return to our room soon as a car was already booked for a tour to the city.

The car came at the right time. We were ready. First of all I asked the driver to take us to the J.K.Temple by the J.K. group. It was already evening when we reached there and the lights were on. Dad preferred to stay at the garden outside and we went in to the temple putting off our slippers. The inside was beautiful. It was a temple with many idols, mainly of the different avatars of Vishnu. Beautifully crafted and decorated. The garden infront of the temple was a simple one. After spending out time there it was time for s few shopping. We went to RAVE a shopping complex cum movie theatre. We did our shopping and returned to the campus. In the way I showed them the other institutes and places of importance. After our dinner we went for rest as it was planned to visit Lucknow the next day.

According to me Travelling is a very good refresher of our mind.