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North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology

This page reflects my personal opinions and feelings about the institute. This no way reflects the opinions of the institute administration. This page gives a brief idea about this wonderful institute where I completed my bachelors education. For more information visit the official website:
Also visit:  MY EDUCATION for my school and M.Tech days.

Link below shows a video displaying the life and infrastructure at NERIST. It includes description of student activities, facilities available and campus.
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The Location:
It's located right in the foot-hills of eastern Himalayan range, in valley of Dikrong River, near Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India. The scenic location away from the hue and cry of the city makes a perfect location for this beautiful institute. The nearest railway station is Harmuti and Airport is Lilabari in Assam. The institute is also well connected from Guwahati via. road (diatance 400 Km).

The institute provides an unique of its kind and innovative course structure to generate technical manpower at different levels. Students admitted after matriculation (10th grade) go through three modules of two years (four semesters) each. After completion of each module the student is awarded certificate, diploma and degree in the faculty of engineering or applied sciences respectively. There are also graduate and doctoral programs in engineering and basic sciences. The modular system provides flexibility to other students with proper qualifications to join the module of their choice.

If you are confused here are further explaination.
Whenever I tell someone that I have completed my engineering course in 6 years, I get a surprised look. This guy failed for two years :o). That's not the case. We enter our engineering course after completion of 10th standard via an Entrance exam called the NEE I.
The first two years in the certificate module which is equivalent to the 10+2 structure. We have courses in Ph/Ch/Mat and also basic engineering courses in mechanics, engg. drawing. There are sufficient hands on lab work in foundry, forging, welding, carpentry, machining etc. Students qualifies to go to the next module if they posses a minimum cut-off grade point (it was 3.00/5.00 for us). The rest are recognised as an qualified ITI professional and can persue their carrer accordingly.
That seems too harsh. NO. They get a chance to compete with other candidates for the admission to the second module (Diploma module) via NEE II. The basic requirements are a 10+2 degree. So a 10+2 candidate spends the same amount of 4 years as others to get an degree. In the same way jumping to the next module requires a minimum grade point (3.25/5.00 for us). The unqualified gets a diploma certificate and persue their carrer. Unqualified does not mean failed candidate. He has passed in all his courses, but has not been able to get the required GPA.
They get a further chance to enter the Degree Module via NEE III. They have to compete with diploma holders from other institutes. All the Nerist Entrance Examination (NEE) are held to fill in the vacant seats created due to the elimination.
This provides a flexible course structure and also merit based system. People who want to just get an Diploma certificate can easily do so in this kind of course structure.
I guess this clears most of your doubts. If you have any, please do feel free to contact me.

How to get admission:
Admission to all the three modules can be obtained via an open entrance examination called the Nerist Entrance Examination (NEE). Form distribution and examination dates are published in all National newspapers. Exams are held in the month of May/June and results declared on month later.
NEE I:   Requirements, 10th pass
NEE II:  Requirements, 10+2 pass, or NERIST certificate
NEE III: Requirements, Diploma from any Govt. recognised institute.

What courses can you take:
There are two main divisions.
Departments under Faculty of Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering (personal favourite :o)

Departments under Faculty of Applied Sciences

  • Forestry
  • Horticulture


Why is it FUN to be in NERIST (in addition to the academics):

First and foremost, you get to know peoples from variety of culture. There are students from all the seven northeastern states. It’s amazing to know the diverse culture. You also have students coming from different parts of India. In fact I have friends from UP, Bihar, Andhra, Orissa, West Bengal, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Himachal, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh. It’s really a cultural paradise.

Second: Picnics and Trekking. The Dikrong river flows just behind our institute. So in my six years in NERIST, I had so many picnics and trekking that students from other colleges can't dream of. In fact a good sunny weekend sparks up the idea of a picnic.

Third: Cultural week. The cultural extravaganza of Nerist is called RACAF (Recreational and Creative Activities Forum). It’s a 4-day event, which the whole institute waits for. The standard of competition is big. Kudos to the students from Nagaland and Mizoram for their instrumental wizardry. I guess they were born with a golden hand to play guitars. The biggest attraction in the SONAQUIPS. It’s a magazine, which comes out daily. People’s favorite, message section. Its time to say away your heart. Propose, get kicked and KLPD (don't ask me what it means). And pairs are made. It real real fun.

Fourth: Chinese food. The quality of Chinese food is excellent. It hardly compares with the type of food I received elsewhere. I guess the restaurants mastered it with constructive feedbacks from the genius students like us :o)

There are many more. And above all, SIX YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP AND BONDING, THAT'S NEVER TO BE BROKEN. Being a part of the GREAT NERIST FAMILY was my privilege.

Important Contact Information:
North Eastern Regional Instute of Science and Technology,
Nirjuli, Dist.-Papum Pare, Arunachal Pradesh,
PIN - 791109. INDIA
Phone: +91-360-2257446/2245094
Fax: +91-360-2244307/2257872

North Eastern Regional Institute of science and Technology , Nirjuli Itanagar-791109 Arunachal Pradesh (INDIA)  Fax: (0360) 257872
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