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Here are all my family members
Dad and Me

Hi .. He's my DAD.. The angry young man.. I was really scared of his anger as a small kid.. But I love him too.. He has retiread as an Assistant engineer from PWD. He was an civil engineer (he is still an civil engineer)... He is an good architect too.. He loved PAAN very much.. But nowadays due to my MOM he has put an break to his habit.. He loves watching football.. And u got it right, I love football too..

Brother and Sister-in-law
My Dada and Bou.. (Brother and his wife..)

He's my BIG brother..Kaustav.. And bhabi Novanita.. He's retired as Captain after a short service in the Indian Army.. Do u have it in u.. Not of-course in me.. That's why he is my big brother..He was just crazy about going in the defence, and he fullfilled his dream..

He's tamed by only our small sister, driving him crazy with her punches..She is mostly responsible for his loosing hairs..:-)

On November 23, 2005 he married his college love, Novanita and they are living happily together. On 28th April 2009, a baby girl came to their life. She is named Tiana.

After Army, he completed his MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur and is currently working in Reliance communications in Guwahati, Assam.

My sister, Gayatri

The youngest, Gayatri (Moina)

The youngest of all, Gayatri or Moina. Sweet, angry, active, bold are few words that describes her. An Antakshari champ during our childhood. With a good hand on designing clothes, she completed her fashion design course from NIFT in Kolkata.


She's my MOM.. Dear MOM.. The best cook I have ever tasted, with a magical hand.. She is a house wife.. She was my tutor in my school days.. Its she who have took me to this place where I stand today.. She does beautiful embroidery..She loves gardening the most.. During my college vacations it becomes my duty to clear a area for her Flowers..

Sisters wedding
The bigger of my younger sisters, Pallabi on her marriage day with Hemanta...

My sister Pallabi. Talkative and sweet spoken, makes nice teddy's, bold are few things that describes her. She is working in IDBI bank, posted in Delhi. She married Hemanta on 23rd of April 2009.
O 15th April 2011 a baby boy "Ryan" came to their life.

Me and Prantika...

As you might have realized by now, it is me, Atanu Phukan. I married Prantika Barua from Tezpur on 6th of September 2009.

On 23rd of April 2012, a baby boy came to our life. He is named Yash.

Yash: Our darling son in various moods