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Happenings of Year 2008

1/1/2008: Happy New Year to All of You.

21/12/2007-6/1/2008 : Visit Home and Happy New Year:

Visit to home was great. Well it was cold though. Most of the time was spent at home, chilling out with good home made food. New year was spend in my Uncles house in Sibsagar. On the New year day went to "DisangMuch", that's the river bed of Disang. It was time when all of Mom's flowers were blooming. So clicked some good pictures.. Click on the link below to see it.

26/1/2008-27/1/2008 : Trekking @ Charmadi Hills:

My friends in GM were planning for a trekking trip to Charmadi ghat area. I have been quite regular with them for the previous trekking expeditions, and thus I was called up too. Reached majestic railway station at 10 pm on fri night where the bus came to pick us up. We were 12 of them, 2 being of the fairer sex. It was a organized trek, so we had our guides with us, and all the food has been arranged. Reached our trekking destination the next morning. Had our in the temple priests house, and packed our lunch. The trek started off a bit late. It was then all walk through the lush green hills. It was not very strenuous, the ups not steep enough and lot of walk through the valley. Stopped over for lunch near a stream. About 7 hours after starting the trek, we reached our first camping destination (~20 kms walk). It was sunset time. The night was cold and we decided not to camp outside, so went to the village school after dinner and slept there at night. The next days plan was for another 20 kms trek, but team wasn't ready for another grueling walk. So we decided to just climb a nearby peak and return back to Bangalore, the same day. So went to the peak (we named it thumbs-up peak, pictures will tell why). It was just an hour of trek. The peak was steep, and looked risky. But all were able to climb up. Spent some time there. Was soon back down for lunch. Post lunch, took the return journey to Bangalore. It was a comfortable trekking, but got completely sun burnt..

03/02/2008 : Kalavaarahalli Betta Trekking:

Planned for this trekking on Friday. It was a plan long due with Pats, my rommie. This is a hill ~ 70 kms from Bangalore (close to Nandi hills). We planned to see the sunrise from the peak. Sunrise happens at ~6:30 in Bangalore at this month of the year. Considering travel time until the base as well as climbing time until the peak, it turned out that we have to leave Bangalore by ~ 3:30 am. So woke up at 3:00 am in the morning. By the time we got freshened up and took, it was already 4. By the time we reached the base it was 5:30 am. We quickly registered (its paying an entry fee and parking fee for our bike) and started to climb. It was really tiring and reached the peak at 6:45 am. I was really surprised to see more then 100 peoples already on the peak, most of them from the fairer sex. The peak was completely covered with fog, and there was real less probability of seeing the sunrise. We sat there disappointed, like many others. Decided to come down after some quick snaps. On way back also went to Nandi hills. It was a unique experience waking up so early in the morning and going for this trek. By the time we were home, I was dead tired.

15/2/2008-16/2/2008 : Attending Marriage at Sibsagar:

Well its going to be a quick trip again to Assam. It was to attend the marriage of Hunmoni, my cousin at Sibsagar. Left Bangalore at 14th night and reached home on 15th morning. Brother came to receive me. Went to SIbsagar in the evening. There was already a gathering from peoples throughout the family, most of who I saw after almost 3 years. In the evening it was "murot tel diya" for the groom. The ladies gathered together around the groom and started pinning on the relatives for money with their songs. The next day was the actual marriage. We left for the brides house at 10 pm. The marriage happened in "Choklong" style, the traditional way for Ahoms. Finally everything was over at 3 pm. I had to catch the morning flight for my return journey, so said good bye to the bride and groom. It was a good get-together for the whole family.

21/3/2008-23/3/2008 : Visit to Hyderabad:

It was holi vacation on Friday and staying in Bangalore did not look like an option to me. Called up my cousin bro (Nitu Da) and planned for a Hyd trip. As the plan was finalized quite late, so no tickets were available. Started making mental preparations to make it in my bike. But 560 kms sounded too scary and bike wasn't serviced either. Was lucky enough to get hold of a bus ticket and landed in Hyd on 21 morning. It was raining in Bng, and seeing a clear sky in Hyd was satisfying. Nice cool weather and went to Golconda fort in the evening. Took tickets for light's and sound show (with Amitabh Bacchan and Pankaj Udhas). It started drizzling which soon became a shower. Had to exit midway through the function. The rain that started on 21st continued until I left Hyd on 23rd. So ended up spending most of the time indoors. Ended a wet Hyd trip..

31/3/2008-12/4/2008 : Mom @ Bangalore:

Mom came to visit me in Bangalore. She was supposed to reach on 28th, but an untimely cancellation of the flight by Air Deccan made me postpone her travel by couple of days. As expected she was loaded with tons of home made snacks, much to keep us (me and rommies) happy for some days. Spent the next couple of weeks doing some shopping, visiting friends lal-bagh. Purchased some flower plants for me and mom. The most boring time for mom was the daytime when I was away for office. So arranged for her return journey to Assam, before Bihu so that she do not have the spend the bihu days alone at my Bangalore home...

28/4/2008 : IPL Match @ Chinnaswamy Stadium:

Went to watch the IPL match between Bangalore and Chennai at Chinnaswamy Stadium. Left early from office with my friends and parked our car at Garuda mall. Walked down to Koshy's resturant to have a good evening snacks. The line to our stand was not long and we were smoothly in to the stadium. Players were warming up and good to see all the international stars. There was musical performance going on and cheer-leaders added into the spice. There was also a laser show before the start of the match. Chennai batted first. Bangalore started with a great bowling performance, but all was spoiled by a explosive batting at the end by Dhoni. Bangalore did had an explosive start, but it was the worst finishing attempt I have seen in many years, with Bangalore loosing out on a comfortable chase after a good start. All credit to Chennai, we were part of the loosing side.

10/5/2008 : Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary visit:

Went to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary with three of my friends (Me, Kshitij, Adnan and Girish). Its ~ 120 kms from Bangalore in the Bangalore-Mysore road close to Srirangapatna. Started early morning in our bike. Had breakfast on the way and reached there at ~ 9 am. Ranganathittu covers an area of less than 1sq km, but the bird population density is very high. Took tickets for the boat ride (Rs. 25/person). The boat takes visitors very close to the birds, and very good photographs can be taken. I saw lots of enthusiastic photographers in their SLR cameras. If lucky you can also see crocodiles. After the boat ride, just walked around to see the garden around. We were done, and still had enough time. So decided to move to Mysore and see the zoo. Had lunch in Mysore and went to the zoo. The zoo is very well maintained. With ~ 3.5 kms of walking, it took us more then two hours to finish it. We wanted to hit Bangalore before it gets dark, so just started off for our return journey..

18/5/2008 : Sunfeast Bangalore 10K run:

After participating in a half-marathon last year (just limping my way to completion that time), the spirit was high for participation in the 10k run. I have run 10k before, so was confident of completing it, though not quite sure about the timings I might clock. The open 10k run starts @ 9 am, and with the Bangalore sun shining bright, its going to be tough. On the race day woke up early and had shower. Didn't wanted to have anything heavy and had some fruit juice and bananas. My roommate dropped me at Kanteerva stadium at 8:15 am. There was some entertaintment going on at that time and the world 10k run participants were completing their runs. Their timings of 26-27 minutes was amazing. Our run started dot at 9 am. I could not see the total participant numbers, but it looked huge. After halfway mark, the Bangalore heat started to take toll on me. My running speed started to fall and it was frustating to see most peoples overtaking me, which includes ladies and senior citizens. I had almost decided to stop, but seeing other running kept me going. Finally completed the run in ~ 1hr, 6 mins (due to huge participation certificates got over and it will be mailed afterwards. That's when I will know my official timing). The run was satisfying as I did survived the heat, without exclusively practicing for the heat.

Find the details of my experience in my BLOG:

19/5/2008 : Blood donation camp at office:

There was a Blood donation camp organized in office. As usual went to complete my yearly quota of blood donation (6th blood donation of my life).

Wanted to be a blood donor. Or searching for blood donors. Visit

23/5/2008 - 25/5/2008 : Visit to Mumbai:

My sister got a job in IDBI bank, Mumbai. As I was staying closest to Mumbai among all our family members, I went to Mumbai to settle things down for her. I booked my tickets for 23rd. Incidentally that was the day when the new Bangalore airport gets opened. With the new airport quite far away from city, I had to get ready for the unpredictable travel time. In the last minute the opening was delayed by a day and I comfortably landed in Mumbai from the old airport. Sister reached just 10 minutes ahead of me and we together settled that evening in a hotel at khar road. Saturday morning went to her office in WTC building at Colaba. Quite a bit of travel and we took the local train. After finishing formalities at office, started hunting for places to stay in Mumbai. Mumbai turned out to be pretty expensive, and finding places near colaba impossible. With time getting limited, used contacts and references to find a place at Juhu scheme, Ville parle. That evening went to Powai to stay in Biplab's house. Biplab (my NERIST buddy) gave me additional reference in Andheri. Sunday saw the PG in Andheri, but finally decided to put my sis up at parle due to the PG's proximity to the train station. Its time to fly back to Bangalore. Nayan da (NERIST senior) caught up and accompanied until airport. The Bangalore Intl. airport has already started its operation, and got a first glimpse of it. I will pen down my first hand experience with BIAL in my blog.

22/6/2008 : Visit to Bannerghata:

Visited the Bannerghata National park with my rommie Pats. We started from home at 7 am morning and without the traffic reached the place @ 8 am. The park opens at 9 am so we had enough time at hand. Went to a temple at the top of a hill, that was visible from the park. After spending some time there, came back to the park. Enjoyed the safari (Rs. 125/head) and the zoo. Reached back to Bangalore for lunch.

10/8/2008 : Trekking @ Savandurga:

Pankaj from our trekkers gang called up on Thursday, "Wanna go for a trek?". I told "Why not, Where?". It was Savandurga, a hill ~ 60 kms from Bangalore. We were 10 of us (5 bikes). It was drizzling in the morning, we still started @ 6:30, 30 mins behind schedule. Took breakfast on way and packed some Idly. On reaching there, took a kid as our guide and started climbing. Was happy to see many peoples along with us also taking the route up. It was real steep climbs in many places. We took occasional rests and pictures and finally reached the peak. We took our lunch with the packed Idlies. Coming down was a lot easier. We decided to have some coffee on the way back after the tiring trail. Reached Bangalore at 7 pm.

28/9/2008 : Visit to Ramanagaram, Sholay Hills:

Visited Ramanagaram (Sholay Hills), a place which was made famous by the Bollywood legendary movie "Sholay". This was the location of the movie. Wanted to take my car for the first long drive, and that was another reason to go there. Planned it with my friends Pankaj and Kshitij (my regular trekking partners). Left Bangalore at ~ 10:30 am. It was almost 11 by the time we hit the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Stopped over for lunch on the way. You have to take a right turn to hit a small road, away from the highway after the "Ghousia College of Engg.". The way takes you upto the base of the hills and entrance to a temple. We took a guide who saw us around. We all got full enthu reaching the spot where Gabbar Singh narrated his famous dialouges: "Kitne aadmi thain". Also visited the temple. It was extremely hot day and we were exhausted even without much effort (water was limited). It was time to hit back the highway, back home. Details: Distance covered (~60 kms one way), Roads are awesome. Nothing to eat there, carry your own stuffs.

Travel Blog and Pictures

30/9/2008-12/10/2008 : Going home and Puja:

Went home during Puja. Puja was celebrated at home after a long time. Also celebrated my birthday with my family. All the members of the family was there and it was lots of fun.

8/11/2008-9/11/2008 : Mangalore Trip:

Went to Mangalore for Arvind's (My rommie) engagement. My new Getz is just out from servicing and took it for the long drive. Thilak (Arvind's cousin) was also with me. So covered the 800 kms with him (400 kms one way). Engagement function was really good, and got to see our new bhabi. It was fun trip (car performed well).

21/11/2008-23/11/2008 : Company off-site at Chikmagalur:

Went to Chikmagalur on the company off-site. Left Bangalore on 21st. Chikmagalur is famous for its coffee plantations. We stayed in a resort in the middle of coffee estate. It was a fun trip with family and office colleagues. Returned back to Bangalore on 23rd.

25/11/2008-29/11/2008 : Indore Trip:

Went to Indore for Sujeets's (My NERIST friend) marriage with Neha. Deka and Jassi joined me. Took train from Yeshwantpur and reached Bhopal. Another train from Bhopal took us to Indore. The bride family welcomed us. The first day was sangeet, where everyone performs dance numbers on the stage. The arrangements were awesome and everyone was taken care off very well. The marriage function was on 27th. So we danced on Sujeet's "baarat". We couldn't save his shoes from being stolen by the brides "shaliyan". 28th was time to come back. It was a very good experience, and I saw a completely new type of marriage filled with fun.

Happenings of Year 2009

1/1/2009: Happy New Year to All of You.

3/1/2009-4/1/2009 : Trekking @ Kalavaarahalli betta (Skandagiri):

Went to trekking @ Kalavaarahalli betta with my NERIST friends. For details visit my blog on the same.

Find the details of my experience in my BLOG:

8/1/2009-9/1/2009 : Mangalore Trip (Arvind's Marriage):

Went to Mangalore for Arvind's (My rommie) Marriage. Went this time in the KSRTC Volvo bus (The last trip on my car was rough due to bad roads with potholes). It was a two day affair, and we blessed the bride and groom for a Happy Married life.

24/1/2009 : To Lalbagh for flower show:

Lalbagh bonatical garden in Bangalore organizes folwer show during Republic and Independence day. I went there quite some time back. So made another visit there this year. It was good time spend with some awesome natural colors...

25/1/2009 : To Wonderla:

Went to Wonderla [].. It was all day of fun...

22/2/2009 : Nandi hills:

A long drive on my car was long due. So planned out a trip to Nandi hills through the picturisque ghat section. Spend half a day there. It was a nice time away from the city, less crowd and moderately hot weather.

27/3/2009 : Hogenakkal Waterfalls:

It was a long weekend and planned a trip to Hogenakkal waterfalls. Hogenakkal has multiple waterfalls situated in Tamilnadu bordering Karnataka. Water was less but sufficient. Booked a coracle and had some nice smooth ride. The weather was extremely hot and made an early departure from that place. The ride to and fro to hogenakkal was extremely good for most of the route, so enjoyed the ride [~400 kms of driving]...

10/4/2009 : Lumbini Gardens:

Went to Lumbini Gardens situated Inside Nagawara Lake in Bangalore []. Its a nice small place with boating facilities and also some food courts. There is also a water park and play location for kids. Good time out spot for half or a day. Enjoyed the boat ride.

18/4/2009-26/4/2009 : Sisters Marriage [Visit Home]:

Visited home to attend my sisters marriage. The week was fully tied up with marriage preparations. The marriage happened on 23rd of April between Pallabi [sister] and Hemanta [Groom]. Wishing them a very Happy Married life.

28/4/2009 : Welcoming the newborn to our family:

My sister-in-law [Bhabi] gave birth to a baby girl. Extremely proud and happy moment for the whole family. Yahoo, I became an uncle...

5/5/2009 : Blood donation:

Donated blood in the camp organized in our office. It was the seventh time I had donated blood in my life. It was scary feeling as always :), but satisfying...

Wanted to be a blood donor. Or searching for blood donors. Visit

31/5/2009 : Sunfeast 10k:

Participated in the Sunfeast 10k run. Slightly improved performance then the previous year with timing of 00:58:47. This was mostly because of the nicer weather with early start of the race.

08/08/2009-16/08/2009 : US Trip:

Visited US on business. Went to Houston (TX) and Irvine (CA) for the week. It was a good trip. Quite hot in Houston at that time. Irvine was good as always.

06/09/2009 : Marriage:

One of the most important day of my life. I got married to Parntika from Tezpur. The marriage was conducted in the traditional ChokLong style.

14/09/2009 : Anniversary:

Its a year since I met Prantika. So went out for dinner at the Barebcue Nation []. We ended up overeating :-)

19/09/2009-21/09/2009 : Coorg Trip:

Went to Coorg to spend the weekend. This was like the un-official honeymoon for us, ha ha... Drove down from Bangalore in my car. Stayed at Coorg International. Nice place, good food. Spend the time looking around Coorg (Abbey falls, Talacauvery, Nisargadharma, Raja Seat, Bylakuppe, Harengi Dam etc). It was a nice trip, with lots of places to see around....

2/10/2009-4/10/2009 : Pondicherry Trip:

Went to Pondicherry to spend the weekend. Sujeet joined us with his wife Neha. I drove my car and started 2nd early morning. Went via Chennai and ECR tp reach Pondicherry late afternoon. Spent the day on the beach. Went around to see the city the next day. On Sunday (4th), started in the daytime. Reached Bangalore late in the evening (i had to drive a long way with my reserved fuel :-). It was a good fun trip with beach, cuisines, sight-seeing and nice drive...

18/12/2009 : Office offsite:

Went to Eagleton Golf Resort [] for our office offsite. Picked up some of my office colleagues and reached there over the car. Spend time playing tennis and some quick golf sessions. It was fun...

31/12/2009-3/12/2010 : Manali Trip:

Went to Manali to spend the new year (it's like a official honeymoon, ha ha). Stayed in Hotel Sun Park in Manali. []. Since it was a short trip, spend a day exploring the snow clad peaks, and another day in local sight-seeing. Things that we enjoyed was the snow, and Hidimba temple. On way back met my sister (Ainu) and also Nitu da (who came down to Ainu's place)... It was overall real fun.

Happenings of Year 2010

1/1/2010: Happy New Year to All of You.

6/2/2010-14/2/2010 : US Trip:

Visited US on business. Went to Niskayuna(NY), the place for our R&D centre. Met colleagues. It was really cold around there. Saw snowfall one day (first time in my life). Missed the valentines day in India :-)...

18/3/2010 : IPL Match:

Went to see the IPL Match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Rajasthan Royals. Overall fun. The match turned out to be very one-sided with Bangalore thrashing Rajasthan in 10.4 overs with all wickets in hand.

10/4/2010-25/4/2010 : Trip Home:

Visited home for Bihu. This was the first visit home after marriage. Spend the first week at my house and the second in Pratika's. This visit included may visits to our relatives too. Its always good to be home. Saw some Bihu functions. Missed Tweety's (my niece) birthday by a whisker again...

28/5/2010 : Office outing:

Went out to Bheemeshwari (Kauvery fishing camp) with my new team at office. Good chance to know the team as well as break the initial ice. Had trekking, coracle ride, and some team sports. Overall fun...

6/7/2010 : Blood donation:

Donated blood in the camp organized in our office. It was the eighth time I had donated blood in my life. It was scary feeling as always :), but satisfying...

Wanted to be a blood donor. Or searching for blood donors. Visit

15/8/2010 : River Rafting:

Went for river rafting @ Bheemeshwari (Cauvery river) organized by Care Adventure. Pankaj (with wife and sister) and Kshitij (with wife) joined us (me and Prantika) in this adventure. It was a fun outing with all the ladies having their first experience. There were very few rapids present through, overall nice outing.

22/8/2010 : Big Banyan Tree & Picnic:

Went out to see the Big Banyan Tree which is located ~ 40 kms from my house. Never seen a tree spread around so wide area. Moved ahead to see the Manchnaballe Dam which is located ~ 10 kms from there. The weather was great and (as planned) we ended up having our very small picnic near the water body there. (had a picnic after donno how many years, it was fun :)

28/8/2010 : Office family outing:

Went out with the office team for an family outing to Holiday Village Resort []. Nice small place, and great fun time. Awful service though :)

4/9/2009-11/9/2009 : Goa Trip and First Wedding Anniversary:

Went for a weeklong trip to Goa. It was also my first wedding anniversary. Had a great week out there with lots of nice time. For details visit my blog on the same.

Find the details of my experience in my BLOG:

10-11/2010 : Family visit to Bangalore:

My In-laws visited Bangalore for a month. The main objective was to get medical treatment for my mom. Besides Narayana Hrudalaya, we ended up visiting the malls, shiva temple, Mysore. It was fun time...

13/11/2010 : Humpi Visit:

My college (NERIST) friend Sandipan visited Bangalore for a training. We went to Humpi. Besides the travel (want to forget the horrible drive), it was a great experience.

17/12/2010-18/12/2010 : Kerala Visit:

Visited Alappuzha (commonly known as Alleppy) to experience the backwaters in the "God's Own Country". We have booked a houseboat and the experience was breathtaking... Just loved it!

Happenings of Year 2011

1/1/2011: Happy New Year to All of You.

13/2/2011 : India-Australia World Cup warm-up match:

Went to Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore for the India vs. Australia warm-up match. My colleagues from office joined us. It was great crowd and ambiance. We had fun time. Great fightback from India on both batting and bowling. We didn't stay back till the end to see India wind up the match.... All the best to India for the 2011 Cricket World Cup...

5/3/2011-15/5/2011 : Trip to Innsbruck, Austria:

Visited Jenbach, Austria on an official trip. Stayed at Rumer Hof in Rum.

Took the opportunity to visit many places nearby. Visited Innsbruck, which is the capital city of the federal state of Tyrol in western Austria. Lovely view with snow clad mountains covering it. Over the next weekend had the best hiking trip of my life. Accompanied Marc Sommer, my Jenbacher colleague, to a hiking trip near Achensee lake. Walking in knee depth snow, and some breathtaking views - just loved every bit of it.

Find the details of my experience in my BLOG:

Over a weekend visited Burghausen in southern Germany. Its the hometown of Marc. It is home to the longest castle in Europe (1,043 m). Awesome place with some nice view's. Also had an official trip to Netherlands. Stayed at hotel Jules @ Heerhugowaard. Rented the Fiat-500 automatic and spent some time hanging around Egmond beach and looking around the Alkmaar town. Alkmaar is a nice small town with beautiful buildings and nice waterways. Over the Easter weekend visited Venice, Italy. Rented a car (Volvo S40), and the drive through the mountains was breathtaking. Venice is very crowded during Easter, and visiting then was not a good choice. But the city is beautiful. Also went to Munich to visit the Deutsches museum. One of the biggest museum I have seen. Spend almost 5 hrs and could not finish even half of it. Parntika joined me the next week, and we planned our first trip to Interlaken, Switzerland. Its a small town located between two lakes, lake Brienz to the east and Lake Thun to the west. The Aare River flows through the town connecting the lakes. We had a nice walk through the town, besides the river. Beautiful flowers. On one day took the ropeway to the mountain village of Murren. The view from the top was just awesome. Had one of the most beautiful walk of my life through the village filled with beautiful flowers. Spend last days in Austria showing Prantika the city of Innsbruck. On our way back had a stopover at Paris, city of lights, love and dreams. You can see history staring at you from all sides. With one day in hand, we had no time. Spend our time to see the Eiffel tower, Cinéaqua aquarium and Arc de Triomphe. We walked almost >10kms and was really tired. I guess we did not see most parts of Paris. Time to be back home. Took the flight next day to India with some lovely memories to cherish.

15/4/2011 : Welcoming the newborn to our family:

My sister gave birth to a baby boy. . Extremely proud and happy moment for the whole family. Dear sis, wish u and the new born all the happiness in the world.

29/5/2011-5/6/2011 : In-law's visit to Bangalore:

Mother-in-law visited Bangalore for a regular health check-up. One week of Assam food :)

14/10/2011 : Office Team Outing:

Visited Galibore Fishing Camp for a day long team outing. The pick of the trip - Football match, trekking and coracle ride.. !

Happenings of Year 2012

1/1/2012: Happy New Year to All of You.

05/02/2012 : Mysore trip:

Marc Sommer, my colleague from Austria was in town on an official visit. Took him to Mysore for sight-seeing. Visited Ranganathittu bird sanctuary, Mysore palace and Chamundi hills. Nice time spend for the daylong trip...

23/04/2012 : LANDMARK DAY: New member in our family

We were blessed with a baby boy today at 8:21 am in the morning. Undoubtedly the happiest moment in my life... !

About Yash

6/10/2012 : Finally going H O M E:

Finally on my way home.... Very very excited, beyond something that can be expressed by words. Very special for 2 reasons:
1. Its more than 4 months since I last saw my son. He was just a month old when he left for Assam. He is away from me more than he has been with me in this world. Can't wait to see him.
2. It is after a long gap of 2.5 years that I am visiting Assam. There were various reasons for which I could not travel for this extended time. Will be seeing everyone from my family.

This will be the vacation of my life!

31/12/2012 : Year End:

A happening year for me in 2012. Welcoming a new born to the family stands out. Getting promotion at office. Long due visit to home town. My house in Bangalore almost nearing completion. Seeing Yash grow up in front of my eyes stepping on each milestones, what else could I have asked for. Bye bye 2012 and welcome 2013... And of course we survived the dooms day predictions :)

Happenings of Year 2013

1/1/2013: Happy New Year to All of You.

15/4/2013 : Dream house:

Another big milestone, dream come true. Moved to my new house in Bangalore. Day started with a small puja and hectic day with shiftinga nd arrangement of the house!

23/4/2013 : Yash's birthday:

Yash completes one year. What a year it has been - 6 months of separation and another 6 months of pure fun, learning and excitement. Seeing Yash grow in front of my eyes - see him learn to stand, walk, play! Thank you son for making my life filled with so much happiness.

In the evening, arranged for a party in my new house to celebrate his Birthday. Want to thank everyone who participated with us on this special moment...

22/4/2013 - 19/5/2013 : Dad in Bangalore:

Dad visited Bangalore for Yash's first birthday. It was also his first visit to my new home. Great time spend. Also had him checked up in NIMHANS for a neuro difficulty he was facing!

10/9/2013 - 19/9/2013 : Mom, Brother, Sister-in-law and Niece in Bangalore:

Mom, Brother (Kaustav), Sister-in-law (Novanita) and my niece (Tianna) in Bangalore. They visited the hill town of Coorg and Nagarhole National Park. The visit also had a trip to the beach town of Udupi.
The trip ended with a great rooftop barbecue at our house.

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