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My Education

My School Day's

I did my schooling from St. Josephs' School , Moranhat. It was the place which taught me to breadth, developed my personality at a time when i was just like an loose mud which can be moulded to any shape. And i am one of those lucky students who got the care of such good teachers and friends. Our's was an catholic co-education school. 12 years is a long time to get good friends. It was so pure with no jealousy and odd feelings. Fightings were remembered for the day only. I had many would be a long list to name all.Nilanjan,Nabajyoti,Mriganga,Gautam2,Manjul,Amit,Rubul,Santanu and the lists go on and on.. The girls in our batch were Meenakshi,Ashrukana,Dristi,Anju,Poonam,Sanghamitra,Nafisa (or Nasifa..i am still confused), and the list go on..The girls of our batch was very fruendly. U should have seen them weeping on the last day of our school. I can still remember that day, infact everyone of us will remember. It is all those sweet memories which comes often to my mind. If someone asks me "which is the best part of your eduaction life?", within a breadth my answer will be MY SCHOOL DAYS.

My B-Tech Day's

I did my B-tech from NERIST. I appeared for the Nerist exam before even knowing what it was. When i got selected my mom said that i am too small to go that far as i have just finished my 10th. My father gave me to decide, and i decided that i will go far from my house. And thus my Nerist life started with ragging and then friends who shared my sorrow when i got depressed from the hard first few days. Thus we started sharing our feeling. This was the beginning of my GREAT six years in Nerist. As my school taught me to breathe, Nerist taught me to live. Six years was a long time of my most youthful days of experimentation, and what, i got the most adventerous roomie Pinku (OBED.. this name is a copyright for me), who experimented with all, starting from sharbat to ragging. There were friends like Ajay and Sujeet who helped me a lot in my subjects when i was seeing nowhere. Jishu the great hati and entertainer(now a air force officer). Sandy (Buri) the drakula. Sokenye the sadhu. There were many more with their specialised personalities. The Nerist life will remain incompleate without mentioning RACAF our cultural extravaganza. This is the time whole of Nerist eagerly awaits. It is the time when most of the couples are formed. The four days just gets off like and whisker. Full Masti. Then there are the picnics in the riverbank behind our institute, bhangs in holi. The Nerist life gave us the moments to recall everytime we meet each other,everytime. Miss them VERY MUCH, always ...everyday.

My M-Tech Days

I appeared for gate after my friend sujeet and my teachers encouraged me for it. I tried hard and thus reached IIT, Kanpur. IIT taught me how to live better. Here i was lucky enough to get a group of selfless enthusiastic guys. Deba the BAAP aadmi.Debadi Chakraborty is the most popular and the central topic for discussion in our group for his three day policy. Now don't ask me what's it. It what he has mastered and had affected the economy of India to a large extent. Then its Ani, Anil Goswami from Udaipur,Rajasthan. He will do anything to go to Phoren. He is the most dangerious dancer of our group. Just place yourself few feets away from him when he dances, or u are dead. Then it's bhai, Abhay Singh , from Gorakhpur,U.P. He is really a bhai, with his tough body. U can say he is our defence minister, anywhere there is a problem,panga, naah, bhai hain. Then its rao, Arvind rao from Nasik,Maharastra. The guy who tries to find out logic also in why a bed is called a bed. He is the Pyar ka devta, and who's the devi?-***ki.And the peloo of all Muki, Mukesh gupta from Dausa, Rajasthan. The great cabret dancer. He can dance till he dies. He has the patented circular dance. This is where i live in at Kanpur. Just get going guys....