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 Before you came to this world:


19/8/2011 : First sign of Happiness:

Home pregnancy test showed positive results today.... Welcome Happiness.

3/9/2011 : First Sight of You:

Early Pregnancy Scan revealed you. Still quite small, your beating heart is clearly visible. The first sight of moving you is really an emotional one.

15/10/2011 : Second sight...:

Performed the NT Scan (Nuchal Translucency). Now you are fully grown with your hands and legs. My eyes froze over the screen as the doctor scanned through to assess your health. I did not want to miss a single moment.. !

27/11/2011 : Panchamrita Function:

Last 2 days was spent on scan and doctors visit. Performed the Panchamrita function today. This is when the mother is given to eat the Panchamrita (mixture of equal quantities of Cow Milk, Yoghurt, Honey, Sugar and Ghee). Very important function and it begins the 5th month of the baby. Started with the puja and then Prantika took Panchamrita followed by Kheer, bananna and sweet.

13/1/2012 : Kick-start:

Saw you kick for the first time today. The small Messi in the making :). It was not as strong as Messi's but good to see Prantika's belly make a cute small bump.

10/3/2012 : Dressing up:

Based on the list prepared yesterday (with help of my Mom), did the first purchase for our baby. It was some cute small clothes, woolens, towels and other regular requirements.

18/3/2012 : Reversed countdown:

The official reversed countdown starts from today as the EDD is 18th April. Feeling both "Excited & Nervous".

18/4/2012 : Wait continues:

Expected Delivery Date is today, and we are still awaiting arrival for our darling!

 After you came to this world:

23/4/2012 : WELCOME Happiness:

Monday: An Angel came to our life today. Yash was born 3.785 kg @ 8:21 am in the morning. My eyes filled with tears when I first hold him in my hand. This was the most beautiful thing that I have seen in my life. Mom is doing good, still recovering from the C-section.

Baby Yash

24/4/2012 : First experience:

Tuesday morning: Noisiest kid on the floor, Extremely choosy & demanding, Cries that never tend to stop........ What a night :D

Parenthood is not easy, but fun!

23/5/2012 : Month old:

First milestone: One month in this beautiful world. New learning's, shared emotions and a whole new world. Prepared a apple fruit cake to celebrate the day. Alas, Yash could not eat!

24th May: Yash is on his way to Assam with Prantika. All alone I will miss you folks a lot....

03/6/2012 : Hudir in Assam:

Yash had his "HUDIR" done today. This is a special Puja organized after one month completion of baby for his well being. I could not be there :(

13/6/2012 : E | M | O | T | I | O | N | S

Yash started to show clear emotions... Nice to see his other emotions other than crying :D

E | M | O | T | I | O | N | S

23/6/2012 : 2 Months

Its 2 months, time flies by... Yash started to make his cute coos. He tries talking to himself, surroundings, people! Its heavenly to see him communicating. He also started to play his funny kicking game :D

23/7/2012 : 3 Months

The 3 months finishing line has been crossed!
Yash with a steady head can explore things now with his eyes & hands. His favorite state is in my in-law's laps with the "Laughing Buddha" pose :D ( see middle picture below)
His favorite pacifier - Middle fingers of his left hand into his mouth ( see top-right picture below). Not sure if he's gonna be a leftie...

@ 3 months old

1/8/2012 : R O L L O V E R:

Reached his next milestone of rolling over :D
Yash seemed very excited with his new feat...

The rollover

15/9/2012 : K N E E L I N G down:

Yash is able to kneel down, support his body in the crawling position. He has been practicing his swinging moves regularly at bedtime :)
So near to crawling, yet still far. Looks like he will cross that crawling milestone soon...

20/9/2012 : S N E E Z E:

Yash finds someone sneezing very funny. He breaks up into uncontrollable laughter when someone mocks sneezing before him :P.... Very Funny!

23/9/2012 : 5th Month:

Yash completed his 5th month today. Made a small chocolate cake to celebrate this occasion. It's just me alone!
Missing my family...

24/9/2012 : S I T T I N G:

Yash managed to sit for the first time today. Prantika was away leaving him at his bed for sometime and when she came back it was surprise waiting for her. Yash was sitting in the bed, beaming with excitement!

Baby Yash sitting

6/10/2012 : Finally going H O M E:

Finally on my way home.... Very very excited, beyond something that can be expressed by words.

Its more than 4 months since I last saw my son. He was just a month old when he left for Assam. He is away from me more than he has been with me in this world. Can't wait to see him.

19/10/2012, 21/10/2012 : Annaprashan:

Annaprashan of Yash was done just before he completed his six month. Food (other than mothers milk) was given for the first time on 19th. First by my brother-in-law (Yash's mamaji) followed by me, Prantika, my Dad and Mom.

On 21st we had nam-kirtan (Puja) followed by a party for our neighbors and relatives!

20/10/2012 : Trying to stand:

Yash have been constantly observing my sisters son Ryan (who is 1.5 yrs old now) walking and running around in the house. Bed time at night Yash seemed very restless trying to achieve something. We finally realized what he wanted when he beamed with smile trying to stand with support of the heap of pillows in our bed. His young legs did not allow him to hold on for long and he sat down.

He have been practicing his standing skills since then. But still long way to go as his legs still find it difficult to hold onto his weight and balance the 9.2 kgs!

Trying to stand

1/1/2013 : T E E T H I N G:

Come New Year and with it a new milestone. Two small tooth have pooped up from the bottom jaw of Yash. Welcome to the new world of tastier food son.. :)

22/2/2013 : Walking practice:

Yash has been sincerely practicing his standing skills since October. With improved control, now he has started taking few baby steps (2-3 steps at most). Hope to see you walking fully & running soon buddy....


13/3/2013 : W A L K I N G:

Possibly one of the biggest milestone for Yash. Lucky 13 huh.. 13th of March 2013, evening ~ 9 pm. Yash took the courage enough to take his first major steps without assist. A beauty to watch.... He spend the new few moments exploring his new learned skill and walking from Mummy and Daddy happily hugging them. Heavenly feeling!

23/4/2013 : Yash's birthday:

Yash completes one year. What a year it has been - 6 months of separation and another 6 months of pure fun, learning and excitement. Seeing Yash grow in front of my eyes - see him learn to stand, walk, play! Thank you son for making my life filled with so much happiness.

In the evening, arranged for a party in my new house to celebrate his Birthday. Want to thank everyone who participated with us on this special moment...

Dedicated to a Lovely Child....