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1. Smile
2. Provide a shoulder to lean on
3. Pat someone on the back
4. Say Thank You
5. Give an unexpected KISS..
6. .. or a warm hug
7. Say, "U look wonderful", and mean it
8. Rub a tired back
9. Whistle when you are feeling down
10. Send a Thank you card to an old teacher
11. Say "Good Morning" even if it isn't
12. Mail an unexpected and caring letter to an old friend
13. Place a surprise phone call
14. Wash the dishes when it's not your turn
15. Empty the trash when it's not your turn
16. Ignore an rude remark
17. Send an one minute love call
18. Start of someones day with a joke or funny story
19. Make coffe at the office for your secretary, for example
20. Save the want ads for a job hunter
21. Write an encouraging letter to the editor
22. Take grandma or grandpa to lunch
23. Send a thinking of you card
24. Wave and smile at a parking enforcement officer
25. Pay your bills on time
26. Give your used clothes to a needy person
27. Pass on sone good new's. Don't pass on the gossip
28. Say something nice to someone
29. Lend a favourite book. Don't nag to get it
30. Return a friend's favourite book
31. Play catch with a kid
32. Help someone figure out a solution instead of giving advice
33. Take a box of homemade cookies to work
34. Visit an elderly shut-in
35. Laugh at a boring joke
36. Tell your partner that she is beautiful
37. Serve breakfast in bed and clean up afterward
38. Clean the house for your Mom and Dad
39. Share a dream
40. Walk with your partner on a regular basis
41. Keep a confidence
42. Try to understand a teenager. Try again and again. Suceed
43. Let someone ahead of your line
44. Catch someone "doing it right" and say, "Great job"
45. Say please
46. Say yes when you'd rather say no
47. Explain patiently
48. Tell the truth, but with kindness and tact. Ask, "Does the other person really need to hear this?"
49. Encourage a sad person
50. Spread a little joy
51. Do a kind deed anonymously
52. Share your umbrella
53. Leave a funny card under a windshield wiper
54. Tape a love note to the refrigerator
55. Give someone a flower from your garden
56. Share a beautiful sunset with someone you LOVE
57. Say, "I love you" first. Say it often
58. Share a funny story with someone whose spirits are dragging
59. Free yourself of envy and malice
60. Encourage some youth to do her best
61. Share an experience and offer hopefullness
62. Find the time. Yes, you can. It involves making new choices
63. Think things through
64. Listen
65. Examine your damands on others
66. Lighten up. Find the funny side of a situation
67. Take a quiet walk when you feel like blowing your top
68. Be a friend
69. Be optimistic
70. Express your gratitude
71. Read something uplifting for someone
72. Do what you value and value what you do
73. If you see litter on the sidewalk, pick it up instead of walking over it
74. Be genuine
75. Walk tall
76. Never miss an opportunity to be affectionate to your loved ones
77. Invite a loved one to snuggle and lie on the grass on a summer's night while you look at the stars
78. Look for something beautiful in one person everyday
79. Take someone on a suprise outing
80. Ask a friend for help, even when you don't need it
81. Be quiet in a library
82. Help someone change a tire
83. Tell a bedtime story, to a little one or ask the little one to tell you a story
84. Share your vitamin C
85. Give a blanket to a homeless person
86. Mail someone a poem
87. Leave your letter-carrier a little gift
88. Point out the beauty and wonder of nature to those you love
89. Allow someone a mistake
90. Allow yourself several mistakes
91. Take someone to the circus
92. Use just one parking space
93. Consider a different point of view
94. Let your partner win at golf
95. Forgive an old grudge
96. Talk with an lonely child
97. Laugh at an old joke
98. Take the kids to the park
99. Be the eyes and ears for your friends
100. Buy the wine your partner likes
101. Let go of the urge to the critical of someone.

Taken from the New York Times